Money advice courses for staff & volunteers

Money training course

Courses are aimed at frontline workers and volunteers in third, public and private sector looking to help others to manage their own money. These organisations for which money management is not a primary focus yet regularly support clients with financial difficulties or money related issues. Frontline workers are often the first to identify those that might be struggling financially and are in a unique position to provide practical support at point of need.

These courses have been delivered successfully to a wide variety of organisations including housing associations, credit unions, women’s aid and homeless charities, local councils, churches and community groups. Learners will often feedback the added value of improving their own money skills and knowledge as well as their ability to support their own clientele.

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All courses are one day (9.30 to 4.30) and we provide a trainer, resources and handouts. Generally we deliver on-site for up to 20 learners, alternatively if you only have one or two staff please get in touch - we may be delivering in a venue near you.

Financial training course
  • Dealing with debt - A closer look at debt, aimed at those supporting clients who may be experiencing debt crisis e.g. housing officers, support workers, mental health professionals
  • Budget coaching in the community - Equips front line staff and volunteers to support clients in budgeting and managing their money
  • Financial capability in the community - Community organisations are realising the value of running financial capability, budgeting and money management sessions themselves. This course gives you a brief overview of the knowledge and skills needed to run sessions with your own groups
  • Money, debt & benefits advice signposting - Our most popular course, this course aims to give a whistle stop tour of money, debt and benefits advice, recognise the symptoms and know where to signpost to the most appropriate services
  • Introduction to Welfare Benefits and Reforms - Always in demand, this course is aimed at front line workers and volunteers to understand, or refresh with the basics of the benefits system and welfare reform changes sufficiently for them to ensure their clients are getting their full entitlements and accessing the right advice when they need it.
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Pennysmart trainers

All our trainers are experienced money advice practitioners who work with public, private and community settings to address the symptoms of financial exclusion, giving the courses added depth and value with group discussions and activities during the day.