Money Skills

Why Money Skills Training is Important

Financial management

Acquiring money management know-how is an important life skill, a lack of basic money skills can result in poor financial decision making tipping individuals and families into debt crisis and unnecessary hardship. The ability to make informed choices, shop around and plan future spending is critical to staying up to date with priorities such as rent, mortgage and council tax payments.

With the onset of welfare reforms, stagnant pay, energy bill hikes, the increase of ‘in-work’ poverty and rising cost of living, family budgets are under siege and community facing organisations need to embrace preventative financial capability programmes in their work.

Why choose Pennysmart CIC?

One of the first social enterprises in the UK dedicated to providing money skills to adults in a workplace or community setting, at the forefront of financial capability movement with vast experience of engagement and delivery. Set up in 2009 Pennysmart CIC aims to promote financial capability and awareness to those in financial hardship or difficulties. We help people take control of their finances and gain confidence and knowledge when managing their money or making decisions.

Our sessions are written by experienced money advisers/trainers therefore session content will reflect some of the most important issues facing low income families at the moment from ‘bedroom tax’ to ‘budgeting’. On average those attending sessions can be up to £20 per week better off if they take action. We are able to offer these sessions delivered by experienced trainers on-site, alternatively we are always keen to hear from organisations interested in a collaborative or partnership approach to delivery. These short group sessions can also be set alongside money advice ‘drop-ins’ - which we can also provide for minimal cost.

Bite size money skills

Bite Size Money Skills

Aimed at those on low or fixed incomes struggling to make ends meet, the ‘Bite Size’ short 60 minute workshops can be delivered as standalone, in tandem, or series, ideally suited to delivery in a community or workplace setting, there are currently 15 topics available.
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